Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week #2

This week was our first time in the computer lab where students were allowed to do some research. After an introduction on how to fill out their proposals, students watched two video examples from students who have already completed a Genius Hour project. The biggest challenge we will face over the next few weeks is research. Students will have to go beyond simply "googling" their subject matter. Our district filter is not blog friendly and a lot of good sources may be blocked. So far sites dealing with building a drift car on a budget and planning a Sunday school curriculum have been restricted. But despite our limits with technology a lot of our students are off to a good start. Some of the projects I am looking forward to include healthy habits from turning vegetarian to trying yoga to getting ready for prom. Students are building cars, computers, and apps. Finally, a lot of these projects will end up benefitting multiple charities.

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